Ice Circus

When we were kids we always had a "winter circus". It was fun! Circus is such an unusual and unique art. It does not require a building or other capital investments. It does not require words. The only thing it is asking about is your body and a desire to engage in the conversation with others.

 It comes from story-telling, from old legends and myths.

It better than anything erases the borders between the past and the future, generations and social groups, between myth and reality.

Children living in the Arctic are so naturally talented that they don't have to go through a long schooling to become acrobats, clowns, jogglers, and "dog whisperers"... They can do it all with such ease! And for them this is a great way to overcome their complexes and insecurities in the times of climate and societal change, in the times of uncertainty.

Sea ice is drifting and our circus is drifting too...

We have Ice Cowboys and Ice Horses, Ice midgets and Ice Giants...

We have our puppets

And we have our Kings...

There is always a story behind the art of Mask and Fire. It's always an old story, but each of us can retell it in a new special way...

Sometimes we stand up on our heads to see the world from a different prospective…

And sometime we let the harsh Arctic wind bend us as a tree. But only to certain extent.

But most of the time we laugh, because when we laugh dark thoughts stay away from us.

In the winter and spring months we were busy making masks and collecting combustibles for "Fire on Ice". We have done only the first steps in this project, and we hope it will continue not only in Greenland, but in other parts of the Great Arctic.


Thank you to all those who continue to support my work and occasionally are crazy enough to jump into a frozen river to see if the whole thing is real!

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