Icebergs Collection

Far, far away, on the edge of the Earth, where the air is sweet and crystal clear, lies the land of forbidden beauty. It gleams and sparkles in the golden sunset, against the immaculate horizon of the Arctic. In the solitude of the barren ocean, myriads of icebergs burn a livid emerald light which as you watch them turns into sapphire, pale green, pink and indigo. The flowers of the Arctic, they flicker imagination and awaken the desire. To the glorious people of Greenland, the world’s first and utmost Arctic Explorers, Icebergs Collection is dedicated.

"Icebergs don’t have to Light of their own. They reflect the light of the Sun. And whose Light do you reflect?"

Charlie Duke, the Moonwalker, about Galya Morrell Icebergs Collection.


Thank you to all those who continue to support my work and occasionally are crazy enough to jump into a frozen river to see if the whole thing is real!

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