October 31, 2015  |  Galya Morrell


As an adventure artist I use all kind of multilayer and stretchy materials, from blubber and ice to their reflections in broken hunters’ mirrors. But mostly I use my own body – as my main communication means. And this obviously makes many people a bit uncomfortable about what I do. The reason is that «civilized» world even in the era of a genome sees the human body as a lower matter, something to be feared of, or in the best case something not really worth talking about.

What is an illusion? What is a reality? What is a reflection of a reality? What is deception? Answering these questions, I definitely trust my body more than I trust my mind. I believe that my body is a much more accurate, reliable and sincere instrument than my logic or my “civilized mind”. My body does not lie, while my mind can easily lie and successfully deceive myself and others around me.



Fire and Ice

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Thank you to all those who continue to support my work and occasionally are crazy enough to jump into a frozen river to see if the whole thing is real!

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