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Tales from the journeys by dog-sled, small open boat, reindeer, horse, donkey, ski and by foot to the world’s most isolated communities affected by climate and societal change.

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Preparations for 2018 Barneo North Pole Ice Camp are in full swing

March  31 2018  |  Galya Morrell


Ice camp Barneo doesn’t have an address: the GPS coordinates of this tent city drifting in the Arctic Ocean near the North Pole are changing every second. Every year, Ice Camp Barneo emerges on the map for just 35 days, from late March till late April, immediately after the sun rises on the North Pole.

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February 26, 2018  |  Galya Morrell


ARCTICANOS are the boreal people, the Arctic’s first and utmost explorers. For many years I have been photographing and recording stories of my friends, children and elders, living in the Arctic’s most isolated and hardest-to-reach settlements. The ARCTICANOS Exhibition was born to be nomadic and has travelled the world on a reindeer, Yakutian Arctic horse, by dog-sled, donkey, tractor and in a small open boat.

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Net_900 N Ω

March 25, 2016  |  Galya Morrell


The net is an idea that is not fixed in space or time. It is always on the move. The net is a focal point where everything meets, yet by the time you finished reading this paragraph it has already moved on to a different coordinate. By this time next year the accumulated waste will make its way to New York, Milan or Beijing as the system is in constant flux.

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October 31, 2015  |  Galya Morrell


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June 10, 2015   |   Galya Morrell


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May 1, 2015  |  Galya Morrell


War and Peace on the North Pole.

April 25, 2016  |  Galya Morrell


Building a good ice station near the pole is tricky. Keeping it free of problems equally so.Building a good ice station near the pole is tricky. Keeping it free of problems equally so.

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Arctic Arts micro-exhibition on the North Pole.

April 15, 2016  |  Galya Morrell


The 2016 season on the North Pole has been flamboyant: fellow explorers of all sizes, shapes and ages, Chechen «flying warriors», and even the «polar spies».

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The ZigZag Children Expedition to the North Pole


April 15, 2016  |  Galya Morrell


Seven Russian teenagers skied to the North Pole last week.

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Icebergs. We know them not:

April 15, 2016  |  Galya Morrell


Iconic and enigmatic, they are beyond our reach. They are too far, too cold and too foreign. One can’t touch them. One can’t relate to them. And why should one?

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Between Heaven and Ice:


September 8, 2015   |   Galya Morrell


Wind and rain decreased over night. After so many days of interminable hours in the mud we finally arrived to Buluus. And as soon as we did that, the sun broke through the clouds.

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There is an old legend that goes like this: once upon a time there was an oprhan who was so poor, so neglected, so filthy and so ugly that no one wanted even to look at him. No one loved him, no one at all, so he was forced to live like a shadow, hiding from people behind the kachelofen and picking up seeds after mice.

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Three Orphans:

July 8, 2015   |   Galya Morrell


A Pair of Wings:


June 10, 2015   |   Galya Morrell


I dream of growing wings, Siberian White Crane wings, so I could fly from one settlement to another, instead of crawling like a snail half buried in mud.

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Kolya’s Journey:

June 30, 2015  |  Galya Morrell


More rains and mosquitoes have arrived. Ignorant, we thought that the conventional gray flying beasts were deadly, but only when the new ones – gigantic orange ones have taken their place, we understood how wrong we were.

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Don’t ask how we got to The Middle World, Orto Doidu, in Khangalas Ulus. It’s another story and surely it will be told. But we got there on time, when the first Кitaliks (Siberian White Cranes) were ready for the flight.

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In the Middle World:

June 24, 2015   |   Galya Morrell


Rain continued for two more days. More water has arrived. And even more was on its way. Is this a normal spring melt?

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Normalno in Debdirge:

June 23, 2015   |   Galya Morrell


Taatta Island:

June 21, 2015   |   Galya Morrell


And now we are stuck. The road is gone and the water only keeps rising. Overnight we turned into islanders, even though our beautiful island can not be found on any map.

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Some of us know how the M56 Kolyma Highway (a.k.a the Road of Bones that connects Yakutsk with Magadan via Pole of Cold) can be.

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Taattara = To Taatta:

June 19, 2015   |   Galya Morrell


Yesterday we celebrated the first ever Polar Explorer Day – a new professional holiday in Russia. Whose day is that? Arthur Chilingarov explains: “Many think that the world’s community of polar explorers is a cozy club. A tiny one, with fancy membership cards.

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Polar Explorer Day:

June 10, 2015   |   Galya Morrell


Moment of Silence:


June 7, 2015   |   Galya Morrell


Last week I was invited – along with African American conservationist and planetwalker John Francis and British award winning Church historian Diarmaid MacCulloch – to The BBC Forum, ideas discussion programme, to talk about Silence.

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Fire and Ice:

May 24, 2015  |  Galya Morrell


As an adventure artist I use all kind of multilayer and stretchy materials, from blubber and ice to their reflections in broken hunters’ mirrors. But mostly I use my own body – as my main communication means. And this obviously makes many people a bit uncomfortable about what I do.

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