Seven Minutes to Paradise:

Seven Minutes to Paradise

June 10, 2015  |   Galya Morrell



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May 1, 2015  |  Galya Morrell


Each of us have his own way to battle morning sicknesses, mid-day weaknesses and night-time uncontrollable longings. For me it always has been a swim in the freezing water.

I have been doing this for years, all over and over again. It was just my way. Something personal. But today, as I hear more and more friends of mine complaining about their daily pains and depressions which require more pills than ever, I finally feel comfortable enough to tell them: if you are in pain, jump in the cold river!

If you do so, in about seven minutes you will reach the Paradise.

Your former sins won’t count. All you have to do is to enter the cold water.

I can guide you on the way and tell you exactly what to expect.

This is Oyumi, “The Never Freezing River” in Oymyakon, the Pole of Cold, in Yakutia, Eastern Siberia. Oyumi never freezes, even when it’s -60 C = -76 F outside. And it’s not because of the hot springs. Few brave hearts dare to swim in this river but it is worth the game! You just need to know that it is much easier to get in than to get out. One immediately turns into an icicle.



When you first enter the water that cold, it feels as if you are being boiled alive. There is so much pain that you forget your own name.

It is said that most people who fall into the freezing water by accident die in the first two minutes. This is true. But very few know that they die not from cold, but from fear and shock. They die because they are clueless. They die because don’t know that this excruciating pain will last only for the first seven minutes. They don’t know that by the eight’s minute they will grow the “second skin”, a scaphander, a cocoon if you wish, and become invulnerable.

Seven minutes is not a long time, or is it?


After the seventh’ minute you suddenly realize that you are not cold anymore. You suddenly realize that your muscles relaxed, that your heart beat calmed down, and your eyes opened up – wider than ever! At this moment, all your worries, sicknesses and weaknesses don’t matter any more. Nothing hurts! There is no pain! Pain is gone!

On the eight’s minute you will see the unearthly light that emerges from your own body and illuminates everything around.

Seven minutes to paradise. Some may say that it seems to be too short. But in reality this is what it takes.

Try it out for yourself.

If you …

woke up with a head-ache after another sleepless night

torn by an unworkable love or by self-division

tortured by the betrayal of the closest friend

bitter, upset, and angry at the entire world

in rage because of unexplainable loss

worried for your childre

with cold hands and cold heart…

… then jump in the river and take a cold swim! Because, as my wise friend Paul Rodzyanko puts it, “when you swim in the cold water, you heart gets warm”.


Paul is right – there is a hard science behind his statement. Endomorphins, dopamine, and serotonine. Endomopthins are the most powerful pain-killers. Dopamine and serotonin are neurotransmitters that are responsible for our happiness. If we are low on them, we are depressed. If we are high on them – we are happy! And that’s exactly why you can easily get the high from cold water. Actually, this is the cheapest and the healthiest way to be happy. And yes, this feeling can become addictive … but what’s so wrong about it?

I am not saying this is the only remedy. But the cold water swim has always worked for me! As for me, I trust my body more than I trust my mind. My body does not lie! Fever, fatigue, pain, – all of that has a reason. Simply put, my body is trying to tell me something important – something that I don’t want to hear. Something I am trying to ignore … or to suppress with western medicines. But take a moment – and talk to your own body! Come to peace with it! And then it will tell you the story. Your story. It will tell you the truth about yourself – the one you have never heard before. At least, from your doctors! :)

Seven minutes to Paradise. It may sound too long or too short. But trust me – this is what it takes! Just count … Just be patient … and you will be there! I will be happy to do it together with you – just write me a note!

I want to share with all of youwhat I know about the benefits of Cold. This is the reason why I started this blog – the “Matters of Health”. Why Cold is good? Why Cold can replace many medicines? Why Cold can make us happy again? Cold is cheap = Cold is priceless. I will try to share everything I have learned in my many years in the North with all of you.



Thank you to all those who continue to support my work and occasionally are crazy enough to jump into a frozen river to see if the whole thing is real!

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