Life in the world’s biggest Freezer, or journey to the Paradise in just 7 minutes.

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Being Greta Pontarelli

Mart 11, 2015  |  Galya Morrell


The moment I saw Greta Pontarelli at The Age of Happiness Festival   in Montenegro, my soul has been rejected from peace.

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Each of us have his own way to battle morning sicknesses, mid-day weaknesses and night-time uncontrollable longings. For me it always has been a swim in the freezing water.

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Seven Minutes to Paradise

May 3, 2015   |   Galya Morrell



Travels with the Nomad:



October 31, 2015  |  Galya Morrell


Matters of Health:



June 10, 2015   |   Galya Morrell


Russian Telegraph:



May 1, 2015  |  Galya Morrell


Once there was a man who danced on the snow. He lived in the coldest village on Earth and just could not stop dancing. A graduate of a famous ballet school in Saint Petersburg he chose to return back to his village in Eastern Siberia and dance for his people. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet my friend Victor Markov who knows how to live a happy and healthy life at the age of 60.


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Dancing on the Snow

May 3, 2015   |   Galya Morrell


You and I should not be together. Everyone says it! Our families don’t even talk to each other. Our life styles are like day and night different. Life with You is not easy. You and I are a strange couple. So why are we together?

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Life With You

May 3, 2015   |   Galya Morrell


When people invite me to talk about my adventures in the ”hard-to-get-and-hard-to-survive” places, they are genuinely interested in the hardships one has to endure on the road. And no matter what the talk is about, at the end conversation always comes to “matters of health”.

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Cold Matters!

May 3, 2015   |   Galya Morrell


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